It is our vision

Children Academy English Medium School in which

- Achievement is outstanding particularly in the key key areas of literacy, personality development and computing.

- All staff are committed to providing the best possible education for all pupils in a way that meets their individual needs.

- Pupils are motivated and provided with stimulating and challenging tasks that captures their interests and they gain pleasure from their achievements.

- All pupils are given equal opportunities to achieve their full potential regardless of their ability, race, beliefs, gender or life circumstances.

- Pupils develop a variety of skill across all curriculum areas and value the talents of others.

- Independence, self-confidence and a responsible attitude towards others is encouraged.

- Pupils develop a concern for the environment and a enhanced understanding of the world in which they live.

- Knowledge of modern languages is encouraged and pupils gain an insight into other cultures.

- Everyone feels safe, happy and valued and this is proud to belong to the Children’s Academy Community.

- We promote a positive attitude to healthy eating and lifestyles to ensure that children are aware of what they can do to benefit their health now and in the future.

- Pupils are made aware of their role in the building of a caring cohesive community that is inclusive and values the diversity of all its members within school gates and beyond.

- Parents are involved in their child’s learning and share in the life of our school.

- We promote-active partnerships and positive links within the wider community

Creativity and Innovation:

These skills prepare a child to discover innovative approaches and make them learn to apply creativity to real-life challenges. A diverse learning across fine arts, performing arts, performing arts, and vocational skills is insulated in a child.

Communication ans Collaboration:

The practices of effective communications and collaboration help to develop interest and fun in the teaching learning process. It also effectively broadens the cultural, social & environmental boundaries & helps a child to understand social and environmental concerns better.

Career and life-skills:

These skills prepare a child to look into a problem with respect to a broader perspective that might go from local to national and international. Through these skills, a child learns to adapt to different cultures & situations, to initiate herself/ himself even in diversity & tries to imbibe something productive & meaning fun for her/his life from each situation.

Leadership & Responsibility:

These skills focus on the attributes related to leadership such as the ability to lead a team & effective team management in relation to real world challenges. It also teaches a child how to support the development of key personal qualities such as perseverance, being committed & responsible, resilience & self-confidence and how to foster a commitment to life long learning.