About Message from directors desk

Dear All,

As parents, we all desire to give best education to our kids in a well reputed school. But what does a well-reputed school mean? A school having an English curriculum with huge infrastructure , big play grounds, school buses and various amenities does not mean a well reputed school buses and various amenities does not mean a well reputed school. A well reputed school means a school which not only gives real personal attention towards students education but also contributes towards students multifaceted development, where children are encouraged to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence.

This can be possible in a holistic , student-centric environment. The talents, skills and abilities of each student need to be identified, nurtured, and encouraged so that he/she is able to reach greater heights.

Focusing on overall development in the sense of providing quality education, sports/games, to increase intellectual abilities of the students, to give space to their extra-curricular activities, rather than giving only bookish knowledge, to give practical education through various exams teaching learning aids. (Dyanrachana and e-learning) encouraging students to appear in various exams, teaching or imparting training to speak fluently in all three main languages like Marathi, Hindi and English. Most importantly making students aware of the culture to think, express and exhibit their skills so as to develop a better personality.

All these are included in our Children’s Academy English Medium School, Chandrapur which had been started with only 22 students in the year 2002, now has a strength of 1000+ students.

Our school provides all the facilities and makes best possible efforts to insulate strong values combining with academics and extra-curricular activities among the children at affordable fees. So dear parents for academic excellence & child’s holistic development, kindly do visit Children’s Academy English Medium School.

Mr. Prashant Hajban


Shri Saptshrungi Education Society, Chandrapur